Target: Mariah Carey

“Like I’mma sit and fight with you over some slut b*tch cunt/That made me put up with her psycho ass over six months/And only spread her legs to let me hit once/Yeah, what you gonna say I’m lucky/Tell the public that I was so ugly/That you f*cking had to be drunk to f*ck me/Second base, what the f*ck you tell Nick, Pumpkin/The second week we were dry humping/That’s gotta count for something/Listen, girly, surely you don’t want me to talk/About how I nutted early cause I ejaculated prematurely/And bust all over your belly and you almost started hurling/And said I was gross, go get a towel, your stomach’s curling…” from “The Warning”

The “warning” was all Nick Cannon’s while MC² got all the shame.

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