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A Philadelphia, Pa. brewing company is using Staten Island, New York’s Wu-Tang Clan as its inspiration for an upcoming beer release. Dock Beer is currently aging its golden saison with the clever name, Dock Beer Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With.”

Dock Beer, based in West Philly, has been brewing suds since 1985 according to its Wikipedia page. Like most craft breweries, the emphasis on new flavors and fresh ingredients is the key here along with putting out high-quality small batches. So how what’s the connection with Dock Beer and the swordsmen of Shaolin? It’s simple; head brewer Vince Desrosiers is a big time Wu-Tang Clan fan and he explained his decision to make the beer to Philly Mag.

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Desrosiers, the head brewer at Dock Street in West Philadelphia, is currently aging his new golden saison. Playing next to the barrel for the six months it’ll sit there? Wu Tang Clan, streaming from Spotify.

“I listen to music every day in the brewery and I’ve wanted to do a series of beers based on the music I like,” Desrosiers says. “It’s hardly an original thought but my musical taste is all over the place and Wu Tang seemed like a great place to start.”

Dock Street’s forthcoming golden saison beer, with spicy pineapple and orange-tart flavor, will therefore be christened Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nuthin’ to Funk With.

Desrosiers posted a tweet last week featuring the iconic Wu-Tang symbol and says they’re playing the Clan’s music around the clock. There’s an actual science to playing the booming beats from the WTC, as Desrosiers is testing a theory to see if the bass will move the yeast around as the beer ferments.

Dock Beer Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With will be available sometime later this year. There hasn’t been any commentary from RZA or the rest of the Clan thus far. Hopefully, they’ll support the venture.

Photo: Twitter