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Let us find out that Nick Young is the NBA star women would MLF. (Figure it out.)

Following the Los Angeles Lakers guard’s 30th present to himself in the form of an Iggy Azalea-bride-to-be, social media became lively with reactions. Predominately from spam bots and females who couldn’t belive that Swaggy P was off the market.

Late last night (June 1), Swaggy P got down on bended knee with a giant diamond rock and asked his “Fancy” mate to marry her. She said yes with a surprised gasp and all onlookers cheered on. With her career rooted in the big lights of Hollywood, it should be interesting to see how they fare leading up to the marriage, seeing that he is expected to be traded soon.

The high-profile couple have been dating for about a year and half and have gone on to buy a house together amongst other domestic goods, so a marriage–or breakup–was inevitable for celebrity standards. Why his legion of fans for his moves off the basketball court didn’t already brace themselves for this moment is anybody’s guess.

Scroll through the pages below to see some of the wildest reactions to Iggy Igg’z and Swaggy P’s engagement. The fairy tale has been bursted for the lot of them.

Photo: Instagram

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