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In the late hours of a May 27, a comical yet bizarre one-sided Twitter beef was sparked between R&B divas Cheryl Lynn against Anita Baker. As facts have been uncovered, the “To Be Real” singer has been the victim of identity theft. And it’s not the first time, either.

Hip-Hop Wired spoke exclusively to Thurlene Johnson, manager of Cheryl Lynn Productions, who told us that not only is the acclaimed singer not on Twitter or Facebook, but she doesn’t even have a website due to her low-profile nature.

“Anyone who personally knows Cheryl would know that interaction is the complete opposite of her character,” Johnson says. “Not only do the outlandish outbursts reflect poorly on Cheryl, the misspellings in tweets do as well.”

To top it all off, Johnson tells us that Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker really don’t know one another. “I’m sure they chatted briefly backstage in their heyday, but as far as a relationship that would warrant that type of response being blocked, it just simply isn’t true.”

Johnson also recalled a time two years ago when she was notified by singer contemporary jazz Will Downing that “Cheryl was in his prayers,” due to a Twitter account claiming to be her son announcing she was ill after suffering a stroke. That was fine and dandy save for the fact that Lynn doesn’t even have a son. That’s when Johnson knew there was a Cheryl Lynn stan on the loose.

In reference to why the account was able to stay afloat so long after the exchange, she says that paperwork and case files are the norm with Twitter when shutting down a fake profile. As of today, June 3, the account has been put out of its misery.

While Lynn may be releasing music in the near future, Johnson assures it won’t be in the form of the R&B album, Duets with Divas, which, like everything else on the account, was a hoax.

In the interim, Cheryl Lynn’s classic records are available on iTunes.

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