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Vanessa Satten and her XXL magazine staff are very clever. Every year, they manage to create immense conversation from particular individuals who trend on social media because they are or are not included on the annual Freshman cover.

This year, it happens to be Kidd Kidd. As in, Kidd Kidd who was with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records in the early 00s and previously released an album that should have elimated him from Freshman consideration, Kidd Kidd.

Now we’re not going to hop on the Black Twitter “fake mad” wave and front like the New Orleans G-Unit member is ass on the mic because that’s simply not true; haters be damned. However, XXL is claiming that Kidd Kidd was handpicked by fans as the 10th spot winner. Gauging by the majority of reactions (and we do mean majority) there hasn’t been enough substantial evidence to prove 50 Cent didn’t have an influential hand in making this happen.

Take a look at what a handful of the more visible industry heads are saying about Kidd Kidd making the 2015 XXL Freshman.

Photos: XXL Video, Twitter

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