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Amber Rose is still sticking to her story that alcohol was the cause for her outing Travis Scott as her ex-boyfriend Kanye West’s ghostwriter. As she recently revealed to Big Boy on Real 92.3, it was actually a little deeper than being in the club getting tipsy.

“I really feel like someone put something in my drink that night,” she admits. “I’ma be honest: one, I don’t talk like that; and two, I had two cocktails…and a couple sips of champagne and that’s it. I literally blacked out and threw up all night and woke up in my bed naked with no clothes on…I don’t do drugs. I don’t even smoke weed…It was very weird. It was like a week later when it came out and I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I didn’t know it happened until a week later. If you look at the video, I couldn’t even stand up. I’m just not going to go the clubs anymore.”

While out at Los Angeles Supperclub to promote the release of her new movie Sister Code last month, Rose drunkenly took the mic and blurted out, “Stop playing n****s I used to f*ck,” to the DJ after he proved he had some Yeezy in his Serato. “But wait. Why don’t we play the n***a that writes the songs for the other n***a, Travis Scott! Let’s go.” Of course the Internet had a field day with that one.

Watch Muvarosebud’s full explanation in the video below.

Photo: Big Boy TV