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Back in 2008, Detroit female rapper T-Baby became an Internet sensation before the term was officially defined when the entire world laughed at her for her ultra homely video, “It’s So Cold in the D.”

Despite having any actual musical talent, the song did manage to shed light on the city of Detroit’s desolate conditions (although it’s not like a change was in order). Since then, the phrase “It’s So Cold in the D” has gone on to best describe any sort of f*ckery or tragedy that takes place inside of the 313’s atmosphere.

T-Baby recently hinted that a part two was on the horizon and now “It’s So Cold In The D (Remix)” is here for your eyes to witness. Of course, the improvements on the original are minimal and the video appears to be shot with a Nokia flip phone, but T-Baby is doing her thang and we salute the effort.

Watch the video below and grab the “It’s So Cold In The D (Remix)” on iTunes.

Photo: YouTube