The recent prison break at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. caused quite a stir after news emerged of the escape this past weekend. Brooklyn rapper Maino, just the guy you want to talk to when prison breaks happen, was a guest on CNN to discuss his time in the prison and other necessary tidbits.

Fitting well into his role as Senior Prison Correspondent, the MC born Jermaine Coleman, who served  one year of aa 10-year-bid at Clinton, spoke with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat. Joining the “Hi Hater” artist was was author Ted Conover, a former correctional officer at Sing Sing prison. Despite the bizarre pairing of guests, Maino managed to inject some manner of reality to the fanciful, Shawshank Redemption-like escape and offered his take on how impossible it would have been to pull off.

From CNN:

BALDWIN: I mean was there any kind of vulnerability there as far as security goes that you could see? OK, maybe this is — you could pull this off?

COLEMAN: Well, well, from my perspective, that’s like a Supermax prison, you understand? And escaping is usually a fantasy. So we’re talking about something that seems like out of the movies.

BALDWIN: Did — did you — were you ever around people who talked about it out loud, the idea of, well, maybe we could do this or get out this way?

COLEMAN: You know like — you know, like, that’s a fantasy. That’s — that’s something that we don’t usually see. We don’t usually encounter stuff like that. We’re talking about, you know, out of New York state, over 70 prisons you have — that’s one of the secure.

The CNN interview can be viewed in the clip below.

Photo: YouTube

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