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The fade was delivered in East Harlem, literally and figuratively. A pair of barbers got into a brawl—which included one beating down the other with a baseball bat—over a bad haircut.

Reports DNA Info New York:

The fight broke out between the two cutmen in the German Barber Shop, at 1862 Lexington Ave., after one of them gave the other a haircut about 8:40 a.m. on June 1, police said.

Barbers at the shop declined so say which one received the haircut, but they said one of them had threatened the other shortly before the fight.

During the brawl, Plasencia Bolivar, 34, grabbed a baseball bat from the floor and started beating the other barber, 23-year-old Junior Nunez, in the legs and ribs, according to the criminal complaint, authorities said.

Both barbers have been fired since the incident, a woman who employees identified as the manager said.

We gotta hear both sides.

Photo: Google Maps