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Kanye West can barely take two steps without the media making a big fuss about it, so most can understand how a rumor that he shut down a Chuck E. Cheese for his family would spread like wildfire. Yeezy cleared up the rumor with the folks over at Hot 97 and shared a few more important details.

Hot 97’s Ebro got West on the phone along with fellow radio personality Nessa to address the Chuck E. Cheese situation. West called in with Ebro and immediately shut down the chatter that he shut down the national children’s pizza play area chain.

“I haven’t even been to Chuck E. Cheese, but I’m glad that I heard that so I can intercept that,” explained West. “It’s this constant thing of when a celebrity of being used as a punching bag. When I walk up to people, you know, they’ll say ‘Wow, you’re so nice’ like I’m walking around turning over furniture everywhere I go.”

West continued with, “As far as Chuck E. Cheese goes, first of all, they should be paying me just to say their name. You saw evidence of where we go, we rented out the whole stadium [for North West]. I’m not kicking nobody’s kids out no Chuck E. Cheese. I’m trying to stay off the carbs. I don’t even eat pizza, what I’m a do at Chuck E. Cheese?”

West continued by saying that he’s enjoying life as a family man and putting his infamous passion into his upcoming creations, including DONDA, and the upcoming and tentatively-titled SWISH project. West says he’s working on SWISH “slowly” and aims to make it an “art project” and took a couple of jabs at the media to boot.

Check out the Hot 97 interview with Kanye West clearing up a few things in the clip below.

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