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Kanye West has already learned an essential step in keeping the wife happy; stay all the way away from your exes. Yeezy dipped out of Drake’s epic pool foam party as soon as he heard Amber Rose had arrived. 

Reports TMZ:

We’re told Yeezy was chilling for about 40 minutes, having a good time with folks when the DJ got on the mic and sounded the alarm — announcing Amber had entered the building.

Sources close to the rapper tell us he wisely didn’t want to chance bumping into her, or worse — getting photographed near her. We’re told Kanye waited for his boys to pinpoint Amber’s location … and then made a quick, quiet exit in the other direction.

The exes beefed earlier this year — when Amber called Kim Kardashian a whore, and Kayne hit back with his infamous jab about Amber’s, umm … hygiene.

Yeezy hasn’t mentioned Amber since the shower slander. However, Amber has thrown shade his way, which she blamed on the alcohol.

Smart play Dr. West. Smart play.

Photo: Vine