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If you thought the Rachel Dolezal story was going away anytime soon, think again. The outed former NAACP leader in Spokane, Wash. is making the media rounds professing her Blackness, but Twitter is roasting her with the “#ByeRachel” hashtag in response.

Dolezal was on NBC’s Today show Tuesday (Jun. 16) morning discussing the fallout since her parents destroyed her entire made-up persona. However, Dolezal is remaining committed to presenting herself as a Black person, saying that this is how she identifies herself.

As noted by the good folks at Raw Story, a Twitter user named @Kwanzer asked Monday (Jun. 15) if the overused “#ByeFelicia” tag could be switched with Dolezal’s first name although the tag appears as far back as June 12.

As expected, Twitter hopped on the hashtag and used the moment to bring out some very telling points about how Dolezal is using an embarrassing moment for personal gain. Of course, there are the usual comical bits thrown in the name of the hashtag, but the social implications of Dolezal’s story could end up changing the entire narrative in how race is viewed in America.

We also want to be clear we’re not sure who is the true originator of the hashtag and would like to give credit to that person when we discover the root.

Check the following pages for some of the best #ByeRachel tweets.


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