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Last December, West Coast mainstay rapper Xzibit had a hell of a time getting hitched–and then he caught a post-wedding DUI for his troubles.

After pleading guilty to the charge, he’ll have to tread lightly for several years before he can wipe the slate clean.

Reports TMZ:

It’s til death do they part for Xzibit and his wife, but it’s only three years probation for the rap star … after he pled guilty to driving under the influence … the night of his wedding reception.

The November 2014 arrest really was something … cops pulled over the rap star for speeding, but found he reeked of booze and blew a .14 … nearly twice the legal limit.

X and his wife, Krista Joiner, had their wedding reception in Laguna Beach just before his arrest.

In addition to probation, X has to attend an alcohol ed program.

X to tha Z has been quiet on the scene musically for some time now. Maybe his police-enforced sobriety will land him in the lab for some new bangers. Or nah?

Photo: Instagram/Xzibit