50 Cent’s beef with Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, is still lingering, despite the superstar rapper’s crafty attempts to get the case eradicated.

The NYDailyNews sat courtside at the latest hearing on Monday.

Neither party–G-Unit or MMG–will take responsiblity for uploading the sex tape online in 2009, which Leviston is claiming “destroyed” her.

Fiddy, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, and his legal team argue differently. They pointed out in court that Ross (born William Roberts II) moved her into a three-bedroom home with a swimming pool and palm trees in a gated community in Pembroke Pines, FL following the incident.

“Her life is better because she filed this lawsuit against Rick Ross’ rival,” 50’s lawyer James Renard said in court.

They’re also claiming that since Leviston’s ex-boyfriend, Maurice Murray, spoke for Leviston and gave him the greenlight to use the tape in the ongoing beef.

“In relying on Murray’s representation that he consented and his long-term girlfriend consented, Jackson formed a reasonable belief that he could use that video. He is not a lawyer,” Renard continued.

Leviston’s lawyer, Philip Freidin, naturally didn’t agree with any of this. He’s maintaining that 50 and his website saw a noticeable profit gain and traffic that shot up 60 percent after the sex tape was posted.

Meanwhile, Leviston reportedly sobbed alongside her aunt as all the evidence was brought to the judge. It was said her tears flowed even faster when she was dealt with the reminder that the sex tape was posted on her 30th birthday.

This is the worst rap beef of all-time!

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