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Jhené Aiko may be a next-gen R&B star but she’s also a L.A. angel and she knows all about throwing up the W’s with the best of them.

To commemorate Tupac Shakur’s would-be 44th birthday, today, June 16, 2015, the three-time Grammy nominee linked with photographer Danny Williams for a tribute that should evoke the same emotions for the fellas the late rap legend gave the ladies when he originally took them.

In a newly released interview with MTV’s Rob Markman, the 27-year-old talent admits to being young while Pac was in his prime and credits the 2003 Tupac: Resurrection documentary with bringing up her up to speed on his legacy. To channel as such, her and Williams used her tatted and lovely skin to perfectly recreate the undisputed classic All Eyez on Me album cover; the glossy-eyed gaze from the multi-platinum posthumous Greatest Hits collection; and the infamous David Lachapelle “Becoming Clean” bathtub project.

Listen to her earnest thoughts on Tupac in the Soundcloud below and flip through the gallery to her birthday salute photo shoot as well as a live August 2014 performance in Chicago, IL of “Keep Ya Head Up” (her favorite Pac song).

Photos: Danny Williams for TOCK

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