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In just two short years on this planet called Earth, little North West has inspired an entire generation of girls to rock “natural hair, says a new article. To honor Nori’s recent birthday, a seemingly dim-witted writer penned an ode to the tot’s curls.

North is  somehow the only person on the planet with natural hair, because, we all know other babies can’t stay away from hair straighteners, weaves, and wigs.


I’ve been charmed by the sleek styles that Kim and Kanye’s offspring has sported as she sits front row at Fashion Week on her mother’s lap, arriving to ballet class in custom Balmain blazers, or globetrotting to far-flung locales on family trips.

Whether a top bun or a comb-over, North’s pint-sized hair styles complement her fashion-forward play clothes, while remaining refreshingly easy and age-appropriate. They’ve established little Nori as a kind of hair icon for a nascent and diverse generation of tots rocking their natural curls with unprecedented flair

Clearly, this is just a bullsh*t story. But maybe it was the only way the writer could secure an invite to Nori’s next birthday party?

Not to say that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s offspring isn’t the absolute cutest, but the natural hair thing is insulting on various levels. For one, North is just a regular baby, it’s everyone else who tries to turn her into a fashion icon,  a hair icon, and any other madness that they can think of.

Is she a trend-setter? Sure, why not. But she’s not inspiring babies, it’s the parents who are so caught up in celebrities (and their children), that they’ll do anything to copy that lifestyle. Furthermore, babies don’t care about what other babies are doing with their hair. They mostly care about eating, sleeping, screaming if necessary, and bothering things they’re not supposed to. No baby is sitting at home thinking “North West is wearing her natural hair! I should to!”

Also, if we’re going to talk natural hair, Blue Ivy Carter, deserves her respect.Vogue must not have ever heard of her because her “natural hair” doesn’t fit their standard of beauty, or perhaps the outlet is so disconnected from actual reality, that they’ll do just about anything to keep it interesting. And if that means, writing a stupid article about “natural hair” just to get people angry, then so be it.

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