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The line between satisfying a buying public and an artistic credibility are spiderweb thin. Should Hip-Hop artists have to “dumb it down” to get attention? Amazingly, statistics pretty much scream a defiant “yes.”

MadameNoireTV’s new documentary Dumb It Down profiles artists such as T-Pain and Trinidad James and explores the thought process on Black entertainment having to stupefy their works to appeal to a broad audience.

Take a look at these examples of rappers dumbing down in the gallery below to catch the drift. Starting with one of the GOATs.

Nas ft. Ginuwine – “You Owe Me”

Producer: Timbaland

In you ever need an index to reference that time Nas “fell off,” this is it. Also, LOL at this video being hidden on his Vevo account. The shame is real.

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