School is out for the summer and the extra freedom can sometimes be counterproductive for kids without anything to keep them busy.

A group of presumed teenagers in Brooklyn recently set back all the progression made this week when they stupidly filmed themselves assaulting a Uber driver who wouldn’t take them where they wanted to go.

At the opening of the :90 second clip, at least three Black kids are seen sitting in the parked vehicle with another one filming and they’re already unruly. As the Uber driver refuses to start the trip, both of the individuals in the backseat obliges to the cameraman’s orders to “smack the sh*t out of him” while the one sitting in the front seat was a tad bit more forceful.

Once the cameraman shifted his angle to the driver’s side the ferocity of the slaps increased and the would-be passenger began to growl how “he was a beast” and proceeded to put the Uber driver into a chokehold.

According to Uber’s Code of Conduct, “Violence of any kind will not be tolerated” and “Uber expects that all riders and drivers will treat one another with respect and courtesy.”

Also, the Uber account linked to the phone of the Brooklyn teens will make it a walk in the park for law enforcement to track them, since they decided to share it on social media like fools.

Watch the unbelievable assault of the Uber driver below.


Photo: YouTube

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