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Earlier in the year, Hip-Hop Wired presented the world with a definitive list for the best female rappers every to cold rock a microphone.

On the flipside, Timbaland protégé Tink has been the most exciting female rapper to hit the scene since obviously, Nicki Minaj. So much to the point where grouping her into a generalized “female rappers” category wouldn’t do her skill set any justice.

Nonetheless, the Chicago MC respects the game and rattled off her top three females of all-time (who not-so-ironically appeared at the top of our aforementioned list).

As for her highly anticipated debut album Think Tink, she insists that the project is still slated for a fall release but building a buzz opposed to a black album is still priority No. 1.

Who can blame her? Watch our BET Awards interview with Tink above.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired