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DJ LP is a product of Virginia, an Iraq war vet who discovered a love for music at an early age through his father’s drum set. After teaching himself how to read music he one day transpired his ear for sound to the turn tables, spinning the top hits and classic oldies. This Newport, News DJ sat down with HipHopWired to tell us who influenced him, how the music scene differs in the middle East and more on his collaboration with DJ Punisha and DJ Juice of

Origin: Newport News, VA

Current Location: Hampton, VA

Top Ten Playlist:

Art Of Noise- “Moments In Love”

Michael Jackson- “Dirty Diana”

The Illz – “Heaven/ Let it Fall”

Travmangoo – “Ponytail”

Pastor Troy – “Visa Versa”

Git Fresh – “She Be Like”

Rick Ross- “B.M.F.–Blowing Money Fast”

Drake- “Up All Night”

Cupid Williams – “Black Collar”

Drake- “The Resistance”

HipHopWired: Tell me about your start. What inspired you to DJ?

DJ LP: I found my dad’s drum set in the basement and I taught myself to read music by 14. I started writing music for Bethel high school, I wrote all their drum cadences. But when I got back from Iraq my hands started going numb and I gave up drumming. My roommate during my freshman year of college had turntables and I just picked it up and came naturally for me.

HipHopWired: So you served time in Iraq?

DJ LP: Yeah almost a year and a half…

HipHopWired: How would you say the music scene differs over there?

DJ LP: Their whole lifestyle and life of music is totally different. They’re so influenced by the actual words in their music. I think that’s why a lot of people say Hip-Hop is dead over here because don’t listen to the lyricism of the artists because they’re too caught up on the club scene.

HipHopWired: Musically, who inspired you?

DJ LP: Musically, Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix. From a DJ standpoint; DJ Ford, most recently DJ BabeyDrew, DJ Juice, DJ Punisha and DJ B.

HipHopWired: Tell me more about DJ Punisha and DJ Juice. How’d you all get together to form this crew that you’re all apart of?

DJ LP: Well it’s kind of like a DJ crew but really we’re pushing each other to expand our limitations. The area that we’re in is not really DJ friendly because so many people are, I don’t wanna say messing the game up but there is a certain level of respect that you should have for older DJs. They really paved the way. We just sat down one day and said we were tired of seeing what was going on so we started practicing. Then practicing turned into friendly competition then the came up.

HipHopWired: So what’s the latest mixtape you all released together?

DJ LP: Summer Chronicles is getting ready to come out. It’s just pushing new music, the hottest music we could find.

HipHopWired: Is it all mainstream or is some of it underground?

DJ LP: Some underground and some mainstream. Then what we’re doing is releasing individual mixtapes on the website every few weeks before release one together.

HipHopWired: In Virginia you can really spin any type of music. Youu don’t have to spin Southern music all the time and you don’t really have to play Northern music all the time because Virginia is in the middle. What would you say your favorite type of music to play is?

DJ LP: Old school and the south is right there on its toes. Some of the stuff that comes out of Atlanta is crazy!

HipHopWired: Who are your top three artists to play?

DJ LP: Michael Jackson, The Illz and Drake.

HipHopWired: Are you out at any clubs?

DJ LP: The crew is at Have A Nice Day cafe on Fridays and Aurora in Richmond on Saturdays.

HipHopWired: What is your overall goal in 2010?

DJ LP: To capitalize on every opportunity that comes my way. If someone wants me to be their artist’ DJ, I’ll do it. It’s all about capitalizing on every opportunity.

HipHopWired: Do you have any last words or shoutouts?

DJ LP: Shoutout to,,, Creative Nation, The Royal Kings, Julissa and the Creative Crime. All the DJs who paved the way–Envy, BabeyDrew, B Rhyte, Boogie, Tay James and hopefully I’m next.

HipHopWired: Do you have any contact info you wanna give out?

DJ LP:, email me at