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Recently, Geraldo Rivera came for Kendrick Lamar, saying the Compton native’s performance at the BET Awards sent the “wrong message.” The “Alright” rapper responded to FOX News pundits nonsense on TMZ Live, with nothing but truth. 

Rivera felt Kendrick spitting atop a vandalized cop car, in protest to police brutality, wasn’t a good message to send to Black kids.

“The problem isn’t me standing on a cop car,” Kendrick told TMZ. “I think his attempt is really diluting the real problem, which the killing of these young boys out here. For the most part, it’s avoiding the truth. This is reality. This is my world, this is what I talk about in my music. You can’t dilute that. Me being on the cop car that’s the performance peace after these senseless acts.”

Kendrick stressed that his music actually inspires kids to react in a positive manner while touching on issues that are problems in the hood.

Most people who actually listen to his music—unlike Geraldo Rivera—would know that. Watch K. Dot speak his truth below.

Photo: TMZ