Today, Tuesday, July 7th, just was not a good day for Tyga.

Earlier this morning, news broke out that he was not only cheating on his famous girlfriend Kylie Jenner, but with a transgender porn star by the name of Mia Isabella to boot.

10 Male Celebrities Accused Of Loving On Transgender Females

With his name trending at the top of social media for most of the day, there was no way the Gold Album rapper could not defend himself and he posted a lone tweet in attempts to clear his name.


“A gun in your face and that’s all that you can come up with?” © Jay-Z

According to Perez Hilton, Tyga’s lawyer is preparing the proper cease & desist action but Mia Isabella is currently doing interviews and seemingly started a new Instagram to drag his name even further. Nothing good is going to come out of this.

Oh, and there’s this nearly two-year-old tweet from Kylie. Does she actually co-sign this tryst?


You saw Tyga’s reaction. Now flip through the gallery below to see the evil Mia Isabella is conjuring up in this beef.

Photos: Instagram / Mia Isabella, Arnold Jerocki/News Pictures/, Twitter/Tyga

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