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Apparently Draya Michele of Basketball Wives Los Angeles fame was engaged to an NFL player. Well that doesn’t matter anymore because because Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Skandrick broke off their engagement. 

Of course, social media went in with the slander because when better to kick an Instagram/reality TV “model” than when she’s down.

Scandrick told TMZ the decision to get engaged to Draya was “a poor decision.” Well damn.

It is also rumored that Scandrick took the engagement ring back (or she might have brought her own) and he cut her off because he found a d*ck pic from Jameis Winston on her phone. Bruh!

Let this be a lesson to all you. Actually we’re not sure what the specific lesson is, but you can think it over while checking out the elite levels of comedy being created at Draya’s expense.

Photo: Roc-a-Wear

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