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As if the lead single “Coffee” wasn’t indication enough, Miguel’s new album, Wildheart is audio acid that melts your senses and supplies a warm and fuzzy R&B experience. Where the California crooner and his trusty team of producers and engineers were able to convey that sensation on wax, photographer Daniel Sannwald moonlit as an astronomer (get it?) to give off that psychedelic feeling in Wildheart‘s artwork.

Miguel and the European photographer recently sat down with Dan Reilly on the Instagram blog to break down the exact science of capturing the moment.

“In the Bible, it says we’re created in God’s image and we are gods ourselves,” Miguel explains. “The empowerment of knowing and trusting yourself and your intuition, you do feel very powerful — not in an egotistical way but in a free way. For a wildheart, knowing what they want, knowing what they believe in, what they stand for, is a very empowering thing because when you do that, you free yourself from the opinions of others. You trust yourself more and your instincts are wilder.”

“That’s how Miguel describes the message behind the cover for his excellent new album Wildheart, a striking image that features him shirtless, holding a nude woman, surrounded by stars and clouds.”

Later in the feature, Sannwald described meeting the R&B star (who is reportedly better than Frank Ocean) and how their minds aligned like a planetarium for the sake of the vision.

“He’s such a sweet and open-minded person, so it’s really easy to connect with him,” Sandwald admits. “They kind of divided the record into different drug experiences, like an LSD trip to an ecstasy trip to a cocaine trip, so I think they reached out to different people to start the vision of what would suit that kind of visual experience. I was LSD. I love anything psychedelic, I love colors, I love to create unexpected worlds.”

Wildheart is current ranked #3 on the Billboard 200 and is available on iTunes and Apple Music now. Scroll through the gallery below to see the layered artwork from the album.

Photo: RCA Records/Daniel Sannwald

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