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Adrien Broner‘s past sharing of TMI on the Internet is coming back to bite him (you’ll see what we did there). A woman that the boxer claimed gave him crabs is suing him since she never had the STD, allegedly. 

Reports TMZ:

The woman behind the lawsuit only identifies herself as “Jane Doe” — but says A.B. identifies her in a video he made in 2013 called, “Adrien Broner Recalls When He Caught Crabs for the First Time.”

In the video, first posted on World Star Hip Hop, Broner explains how he couldn’t sleep during training camp due to the tiny invaders on his nuts.

“I would be scratching my balls all night … I swear to god, on everything,” Broner said in the video. 

Broner says that he realized where he got the crabs — names the woman — and says, “I wouldn’t Facebook poke this bitch.”

The woman claims she’s been ridiculed, harassed and embarrassed ever since — and the worst part, she says, is that she NEVER had the crabs to begin with. 

Now she’s suing Broner for a TON of cash in Ohio — claiming she’s still suffering from emotional distress. 

The last we saw Broner, he took an L to Shawn Porter in June.

Photo: Instagram