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Never mind what her family, or that pesky restraining order says, Lark Voorhies and the husband she met on Facebook were basically destined to be together.

You can’t fight fate.

Voorhies and Jimmy Green sat down for their first official interview with Entertainment Tonight and put the rumors to rest (maybe). The former child actress wants everyone to know that marriage is great, and she’s not mentally ill as her mother has said in the past. “Did she call you, before I got here?” Voorhies asked ET’s host Kevin Frazier before denying that she’s being used. “We’re selectively together for all the right reasons.”

The woman we all knew and loved as Lisa Turtle admitted that she suffered from depression following the dissolution of her first marriage, but she’s not bi-polar like her mom said. “I’ve always been mentally healthy…100% stable. I had a sweep with text book, clinical depression. In remove of my first marriage, but that is basically all it’s been.”

When Green was asked about the restraining order that Voorhies’ mom filed against him, and whether or not he was “aggressive” towards her, he kept it 100. “Not enough to get a restraining order,” he said before adding. “I wasn’t aggressive. I was just…I was aggressive in being blunt and demanding.”

“[He] Powerfully spoke, basically,” added Voorhies.

So what’s the real deal with this couple? Nothing much, they’re just like the rest of you guys. Green said, “We’re the same as any couple out there that’s in love, trying to accomplish business together…it’s not a scam—”

“Right,” agreed Voorhies again. ”[Our relationship is] a powerful uniting for one active productive purpose.”

Oh. Well, as long as she’s happy.

Watch the video below.

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