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If you’ve been casually following the NBA (or been on social media) within the past 24 hours, you likely came across reports of an intense battle between the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers for center DeAndre Jordan.

After the big man verbally committed to playing for Mark Cuban’s Texas team next season, damn near the entire Clippers organization flew to his house in Houston and apparently convinced him to stay.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is known for his top-secret “sources” when it comes to breaking stories and during the DeAndre Cold War, he reported that a distraught–and apparently pathetic–Cuban was driving around the streets of Houston begging for Jordan’s address.

If that sounds like bologna to you, the billionaire Cuban and his brother, Brian readily agree with you and there were sure to let Broussard know just that.

Chris Broussard isn’t new to not making friends at recess. He recently got into it with Bomani Jones over the curious case of Russell Wilson choosing not to pipe Ciara down until they’re married.

Flip through the gallery below for the full timeline of exchanges. The NBA season doesn’t rev up until October so this about the pinnacle of entertainment you pro b-ball fans are gonna get until then.


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