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J. Cole isn’t much for swag. He generally lets his lifestyle music do the talking. As the 30-year-old Hip-Hop star gets more seasoned in his ways however, he’s taken a more refined approach to his fashion choices.

This wisdom body thinking has been outlined in full with Bally’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection, which the 2014 Forest Dreams star helped design. While speaking to the New York Times, Cole explained why Yohji Yamamoto’s new capsule collection suits his fancy in the current day.

Why did you decide to work with Bally’s head designer, Pablo Coppola, on a hiking boot and a backpack specifically?

As I’m getting older, I’m learning more about what my true style actually is. Becoming more confident in what I like. And I love simplicity and comfort. Comfort is king. I feel at home in a pair of comfortable boots, and I always have a backpack with me. I keep my life in my backpack. Current books I’m reading, my notebook with all my rhymes written inside and my laptop that holds all the music I’m working on.

For the introduction you traveled to Jamaica to film a video with Bally. How was the experience?

While I was visiting the Bally office in London, I noticed a black-and-white picture of Bob Marley wearing a pair of Bally boots. I was impressed with the heritage of the company and how many people and places they’ve touched that I had no clue about. Jamaica was already one of my favorite places to spend time, but filming there was a way to pay homage both to Bob and to the brand’s legacy.

Getting fresh like Cole World this upcoming school year isn’t for those with light pockets. The Bally’s boots range from $695 to $1,995, and the backpack goes from $1,250 to $2,795.

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Photos: Yasha Malekzad/Forward

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