OG Maco is all about saving the children of the rage from a disastrous tomorrow, even if that means making him the black sheep amongst his rap peers.

His fellow ATLien Hip-Hop star, Future is making waves for his upcoming mixtape in Dirty Sprite 2 which is an obvious ode to the codeine culture.

The “U Guessed It” author simply doesn’t feel it’s a good a look.

“Rap about drugs and call girls hoes and wear Supreme and Bape and you’ll make it,” OG Mago tweeted as the Future Hive pumped the #DirtySprite2 hashtag to the top of trending topics. “I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. ’56 Xans’ isn’t cool.”

Much like the Travis $cott scenario, it’s vital to point that O-G-G is not screaming “Fuck ’em 3x” to Future, but mention another rapper with a disagreeing opinion and it’s an instant headline.

Just ask XXL magazine. OG Maco was more clear to direct his disdain for the organization even after he graced this year’s Freshman cover. Maco has been previewing heatrocks from his aforementioned Children of the Rage album which XXL opted not to cover but they were all over the Future news.

XXL y’all can fuck off,” he bellowed. “How the fuck do you post a story about tweets but not ONE about the music I’ve dropped in two weeks? Y’all [trash].”

Sometimes feelings must be hurt to get your point across. Flip through the gallery to see the full timeline of the “rant.”



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