Carmen Bryan, Nas’ baby mama, just very well may be the new poster child for the age-old child support debate.

As it stands, her 2007 tell-all book, From Nas to Jay-Z, from Seduction to Scandal–a Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All, is old news and Mona Scott-Young apparently hasn’t worked out a deal beneficial for the both of them.

According to Bossip, Nas’ baby mama hasn’t had a stable living situation since Destiny Jones turned 18-years-old and the child support checks stopped being her backbone.

Reports Bossip:

Nas’s first baby’s mother Carmen Bryan is homeless. Carmen has been homeless since last summer when Nas stop sending her monthly support checks. He continued to send her support checks after their child was eighteen and she believed that he would send them forever since she was the mother of his child. After she decided to put lies out about him on social media he cut her off. She has never spent a dime out of her own pocket to support her daughter because except writing a tell all book, she has not had a J-O-B since giving birth.

She’s been here in Queens all year squatting from house to house telling old stories from the late 90’s. When she wears out her welcome she gets buddy passes to mooch off of people in LA and Atlanta.

Of course, Ms. Carmen Bryan wasn’t about to let the rumors go without a response and she posted this photo to let the world the know she had the rent money if she didn’t have anything to actually rent.


On the flipside, check out Bryan’s other less than confident inneundos on the next couple of pages.



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