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Kendrick Lamar has assured us that “we ‘gon be alright” but one of the singles from his critically acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly may cost him a pretty penny.

It seems that the promotional imagery for the street single, “The Blacker the Berry” may have been used unlawfully and the photographer is asking for six-figures to quell his pain.

Reports Bossip:

Giordano Cipriani sued Kendrick Lamar, Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment, alleging Kendrick stole one of his photos of a mother breastfeeding her child and used it to promote his single “The Blacker the Berry,” off of his second album, “To Pimp A Butterfly.”

Cipriani said he shot the photo in 2011 in Africa, and said the rapper never asked for permission to use the picture nor did the record labels pay him for it, according to the suit, filed July 10 in New York Federal Court. He is demanding an injunction against Kendrick to stop him from continuing to rip off his work, along with damages for the unauthorized use of his photo.

Cipriani is a freelance photographer who has had his art featured in numerous publications, and he earns his living by licensing the rights to his work.

The suit states that when Kendrick released his album “To Pimp a Butterfly” in March of this year, he used Cipriani’s photo to promote his single, “The Blacker The Berry” on his Youtube and Facebook pages.

Ciprani wants Kendrick to pay him $150,000 for each time the photograph was used, as well as pay his lawyer fees.

The infringing artwork and music for “The Blacker the Berry” can be seen in the YouTube link below.

Photo: MTV