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With each passing year, you see more and more established artists shy away from the traditional industry model of being signed to a major label and opt for the independent route. Since the cushion of the corporate dollars are no longer present to support, artists have to get more creative in promoting themselves.

While we’re not sure Tyrese’s latest approach to hustling could be constituted as “creative,” it sure was original for a musician of his notoriety.

The Furious 7 star was recently seen peddling his CDs (?) on a subway in Brooklyn. Later on, he took it back to his Coca-Cola commercial days and used a homeless woman as an Instagram promo spot for his latest album, Black Rose.

“Excuse me, everybody. My name is Tyrese. I’m a singer. I left all of the major record labels so that I can do my thing as an independent artist and I’m on the train,” he said to many unsuspecting passengers.

“I’m independent. I’m grass roots. I’m in these streets. I’m a street performer,” he continued, while waving a copy of his latest album, Black Rose. The album–released on July 10–is allegedly the last project the veteran R&B star is ever putting out.

You have to love his passion but the reactions from the brothers standing in behind him on the train pretty much sum up this publicity stunt as Grade A pasteurized struggle.

Tyrese is indeed a character and an entertainer but there is no denying that Black Rose is a pretty solid release. Check it out on Apple Music or Spotify like you live in the 21st century and indulge in all the unintentional comedy he’s given us.

Photo: Instagram/Tyrese

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