Just about everyone figured 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy was a ploy to get out of paying Rick Ross’ baby mama,Lastonia Leviston, $5M for leaking her sex tape. Well, it didn’t work. 

The New York Post reports that federal Judge Ann Nevins didn’t go for Fif’s hard luck story of starting from the bottom and rising to the Hip-Hop that his lawyer laid out in court documents.

Says the New York Post:

“It is easy to forget that Mr. Jackson grew up in poverty in South Jamaica, a rough neighborhood of Queens, New York,” papers submitted in the Connecticut bankruptcy court by the rapper’s lawyer say.

“His single mother was murdered when Mr. Jackson was only 8 years old,” attorney Patrick Neligan Jr. wrote. “As a boy, Mr. Jackson dreamed of being a boxer, but by the time he was a teenager, he was caught up in a life of crime.”

But Jackson turned his life around after being shot nine times in 2000.

“After recovering from his injuries, Mr. Jackson determined to improve his life and focused on his music,” the papers trumpet, explaining he went on to become a multi-platinum artist who “typifies the American dream” and even became a philanthropist, feeding poor children and helping 9/11 victims.

Already on the hook for $5M the trial to see if Leviston gets any more money for punitive damages begins on Monday, July 20.