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After Kanye West defied the evens and conquered Glastonbury, he has another non-American sect of people who don’t want to see him sully their beloved land.

A petition has been started to keep Yeezus out of performing at the closing ceremony of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. Despite the U.S.A. and Canada being linked by the same continent, naysayers reportedly feel that Drake, Walk Off The Earth, Feist and Metric are more deservedly of those CAD earnings.

“Kanye West’s words and conduct are antithetical to the spirit of the Pan Am Games,” one petitioner wrote, according to Sportsnet. “Canada abounds in musical talent that is undoubtedly better-suited for this event and should be featured at the closing ceremonies.” Retired NHL player/coach Don Cherry also echoed those sentiments in a Twitter rant.

Toronto rapper Maestro, who performed at the opening ceremonies, defended West to local CBC TV saying, “It would have been nice to see a Canadian [perform at the Pan Am Games] but you know what, that’s a staple for hip hop right there, so a shoutout to Kanye, a shoutout to Canada.”

Pitbull is also slated to perform but naturally, the lion’s share of the outrage belongs to Kanye. Nevertheless, the show will proceed on July 26 as planned. Toronto mayor John Tory just gave his stamp of approval so don’t expect anything to change.

Check out Coach Cherry’s aforementioned rant in the gallery below.

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