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J. Cole is currently living life as a rolling stone as the Forest Hills Drive Tour steams right along. The headlining member was recently in San Diego performing at the club Bassmnt on Friday, July 17, when one fan apparently took the term “FaceTime” to a whole ‘nother level.

While performing his hit record “Power Trip,” an iPhone shot from out of the crowd only to hit Cole World smack dab in the face. The incident’s videographers Francisco Madriz and Dustin Harman slowed down the Apple attack so viewers can see exactly how square the rapper got hit. However, what happened next was completely unforeseen.

After slyly acknowledging he had been played, Cole picked up the iPhone, examined it and then pocketed right before going into the song’s second verse without missing a beat. To whomever decided to play the $600 prank, the joke was apparently on you.

Watch the hilarious incident and J. Cole’s cool demeanor below.

Photo: YouTube/Dustin Harman