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The South Carolina man that won South Carolina’s democratic senate nomination with virtually no campaign is back in headlines now that new details on his often murky past continue to arise.

As previously reported Alvin Greene was chosen to represent the Democratic Party after winning nearly 60 percent of the votes in a June election with nearly no campaign funding.

The “mystery candidate” has been accused of being a GOP plant, a fraud placed on the ballot to ensure an easy Republican win in the fall.

Now although details still remain scarce on the unemployed military veteran, the Associated Press has uncovered a few more of his “secrets.”

The AP reports that Greene earned the nickname “turtle” in high school for being a “quiet, withdrawn boy who was smart when he applied himself but rarely took a chance and tried to put himself in comfortable situations.”

The AP also uncovered more personal than political details on Greene, noting that his mother died of cancer when he was a child, one of his brothers from cystic fibrosis and noted that he was  the only Black player on his school’s tennis team.

Military officials confirmed that he served time in the Air National Guard and the army but was “involuntarily dismissed”, refusing to give details on his dismissals.

Despite the controversy surrounding his name, the 32-year-old unemployed veteran still plans to take on South Carolina’s current Senator Jim Demint in the fall.

“I want a debate. A September debate. A good September debate, just compare and contrast the issues.”

The AP also reports that Greene was arrested in November for showing obscene Internet photos to an underage University of South Carolina student and faces up to five years in prison.