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Depending on the situation, a wedding ceremony is supposed to be one of the happiest days in a bride’s life. Unfortunately, a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan Sunday (July 26) night was far from happy, a gun fight broke out and at least 21 people were killed.

How did this happen?

For starters, there must’ve been some pretty angry people at that wedding. But on a more serious note, two rival groups were beefing at the nuptials held in a northeastern province of Baghlan.

Both sides pulled straps and started firing, hitting wedding guests who weren’t even involved. As many as 10 people were injured in the shootout. Those killed were all male guests, including two teenage boys.

“A local security official fired in the air after the verbal exchange heated up … and then both sides started trading fire,” said police spokesman Jawed Basharat.

It’s unclear why these two battling sides couldn’t hold off until after the wedding so as to not kill innocent people.

Photo: Google Maps