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Power is more than an enthralling TV drama; it’s a culture. If you’ve been a part of the #PowerTV community over the last year and change, then you know how real it gets.

Some of you may have fell behind and need to play catch-up. Not to worry, we won’t ridicule you with slander or libel. We know Saturdays in the summer are more lit than Christmas trees in December. We wanted to relive the season and entice fans to fire up their content provider of choice and get up to speed on Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and the rest of our favorites.

Check out some of the major storylines from Season 2…

Ghost vs. Angela

Tommy reveals to Ghost that Angela is a U.S. District Attorney, after finding out himself in the season 1 finale. Ghost is visibly torn between believing Tommy and wanting to believe that there’s a mistake. So he does what any normal intelligent drug dealing kingpin would do: he keeps having sex with her while investigating her every move. Angela’s love for Ghost clouds her to any suspicion of Ghost and almost resulted in her losing her job. As a lawyer she can deduce with the best of them, as evident by her connecting the dots towards Tommy being involved in the Felipe Lobos drug game. Ironically, she chased all leads both blatant and obscure to Ghost when the strongest lead was lying in her bed the entire time.

Angela gets closest to Ghost and his secret when they bring Holly in for questioning. Holly reveals the true identity of Ghost, and Angela is crushed. Although Ghost builds an elaborate plan (which works) to have Holly disavow his involvement, we see that Angela isn’t 100% convinced that Ghost is innocent. Cloning a phone to keep tabs? Yeah, that’s not going to end well for anyone!

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