Chief Keef’s campaign for Chicago mayor is off to a fantastic start. After posting Rahm Emanuel’s phone number on Twitter (and refusing to delete it), he has some more choice words for his new political opponent.

“F*ck the mayor with a sandpaper d!ck,” the 19-year-old hotheaded rapper tells Billboard. “They don’t want to see a young black man try to do something good.”

Keef, born Keith Cozart, blames Mayor Rahm Emanuel for shutting down his hologram show on July 25, calling him “an unacceptable role model” the hologram performance “posed a significant public safety risk.”

Although his 2011 gun charge will disqualify him from even getting on the ballot, Keef won’t be easily defeated when it comes to his digitized entertainment. Alongside Alki David’s FilmOn Networks and Hologram USA, the All-Star Stop The Killing Now Hologram Benefit Concert has been slated for September and will be held simultaneously in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. It will live stream on

The fundraiser effort will raise money for the families of Dillan Harris and Capo as well as charities working to stop the violence on Chicago’s South Side.

Shatrelle McComb, mother of Dillan Harris, will advise on the event.

That is, if all the other mayors are in compliance with the movement. Should Rahm Emanuel make a few phone calls, things could fizzle out rather swiftly.

Photo: Instagram/Chief Keef