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Meek Mill‘s play at exposing or discrediting Drake because of his use of a ghostwriter, collaborator, or whatever you want to call it, has gone off the rails. After dropping a diss track called “Wanna Know” last night that was generally mocked for numerous reasons, the Philly rapper has now taken to Instagram to cop pleas.

The fact that Meek took his qualms with Drake public via tweets (for a lack of tweets) in the first place was a red flag for many. But the most troublesome point was that after the Toronto rapper surprised everyone with not one but two stinging diss tracks (particularly “Back To Back”), Meek took his sweet time in retaliating.

While Meek cooked up what we’re assuming was “Wanna Know,” which many think was a slipshod piece of work upon hearing it (we all heard the reference track already, Ghostface already flipped that Education of Sonny Carson dialogue and the peed on jab was an inside joke), the people had already turned on him. This is evidenced by the plethora of memes and slander aimed at Meek.

All of this could have been quelled if Meek delivered a lyrical pimp slap, but instead fans were hit with a whimpering whiff. Of course, the Twitter and Instagram peanut gallery immediately went bonkers, with Drake adding salt to the wound.

Now less than 24 hours since the release of “Wanna Know,” Meek returns to the ‘Gram to chastise people for riding with the OVO honcho.

In a caption of a photo Drake and Quentin Miller, he writes, “So this is rap now! You can have a n#%ga write ya raps and that’s acceptable.. just like in the streets you can tell on people and still b the man and get the same respect as the next man! It’s almost over for the the game lol I’m confused outchea…… I’m making all trap music after I do my thang with them! We still loaded! #quentinmiller changed the game #youtherealmvp.”

What fans, critics and trolls are confused about is how instead of relying on bars, and wit, to take down Drake aka “the R&B ni**a,” Meek is playing the he’s a phony card.

Ironically, Flex had just dropped three more reference tracks of Drake rhymes—but Meek dropped “Wanna Know” and everybody stopped paying attention.


No matter how many ghostwriters a rapper (allegedly) has on his team, they will fall under a barrage of dope lyrics, and jokes. In a rap battle people want to be entertained, not scolded for how they arguably perceive the game via social media. Everything else rings hollow.

So far it’s Drake 2 – Meek 0, and it’s not even close. #WhereAreTheBARS (c)@DJClarkKent

Photo: Instagram