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The latest episode of Power revealed Felipe Lobos’ love/hate relationship with NYC. He loves to get his re-up money everytime he visits, but hates when assassins interrupt his trysts with hookers in fancy pools (and so does his business partner/boyfriend). The early attempt on Lobos’s life heightens his desire to just get his money from Ghost and disappear from the scene.

Tasha and Ghost have more of a business relationship now. They discuss plans with their kids as routine as directives given in board meetings. Ghost updates Tasha on Angela’s investigation and her new target: Lobos. Tasha, ever the unseen mastermind, puts the bug in Ghosts’s ear to eliminate Lobos from the playing field, in order to end the investigation and alleviate the pressure from the Feds. Ghost seems open to this idea, but still has no clue that Angela went full NSA and cloned his SIM card! The hacker gets paid handsomely for this task, but reminds Angela that there’s no refunds and in his experience what she finds may not be what Angie wants to see.

Not only does Ghost believe that killing Lobos will assist his crew in avoiding Angela’s task force, he views it as an opportunity to finally step away from the Drug Game. This ulterior motive has been persistent throughout the series. Tommy has never agreed with this philosophy and he reiterates his point to Ghost. Tommy reminds Ghost that they are in this game for life. Cops and drug lords come with the territory and they will deal with their issues not via evasion, but by confrontation!


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