Ghost meets with Lobos where he receives the proverbial “offer he can’t refuse.” Lobos offers Ghost the entire US operation. He will lower his expose, while increasing Ghost’s risk (and his bank account). The only catch is that Ghost has to eliminate Tommy from the equation! Ghosts asks for time to consider, but Lobos already knows that Ghost has neither the desire nor the ambition to become a true drug aficionado. Lobos now sees Ghost as a liability and he looks to enact his contingency plan.

Kanan finally resurfaces at Shawn’s house, flanked by his disapproving mom. He shrugs off Sean’s inquiries about his whereabouts and wants more information on the Lobos meeting. He wants Shawn to infiltrate Ghost’s operation better so that he can get the information he needs. He also links up with Dre, who’s excited to see Kanan actually wear clothes from 2015. Dre informs Kanan of Ghost’s talk with him about getting out the drug game and of Ruiz and his overtures to hold him down irrespective of Ghost and Tommy. Kanan smells blood and works with Dre to find out the Lobos meeting location.

Angela initiates “Operation: Stalk Ghost” when she follows him to a shoe store which is a front for Lobos’s next directions. She found out via the burner phone of course. She catches Ghost in a lie, but gets her spot blown (potentially) by sirens passing by and ringing off on both of their phones simultaneously. Mission deferred until further notice. The Task force gets intel on the potential Lobos meeting and plan to catch Lobos and “Ghost” (Tommy) in an illegal transaction and plan an arrest. Ghost ends up at Angela’s apartment with a pair of red shoes just for her. Another check into his text messages reveals his daughter asking if Ghost will make it to her recital.

Dre meets with Ghost to “confess” his willingness to get off the corner and work for him. Ghost doesn’t buy it, refuses to bring him to the Lobos meeting and sends him on his way. Kanan meets with Tommy to get the same information, but was meant with resistance too. Everyone is a little more cautious of added variables to this deal.

Tasha gets word from Tommy that Ghost wants out of the drug life. She connects the dots and determines that Ghost wants to escape with Angela. Tasha confronts Ghost and he reassures her (albeit forcibly) that his cheating ways have no bearings on his abilities as a father, and that any moves made that will impact the kids, she will know first.

Kanan’s plan comes into effect where he convinces Ruiz and Drifty to join him. Vladimir was reluctant until Ruiz confesses that Ghost and Tommy, not the Albanians, shut his pipeline to Milan down and forced “The Serb” to work with Ghost, or else he would’ve been killed. The entire operation agrees to follow Kanan as he would attend the Lobos meeting and overthrow Ghost. Meanwhile, Lobos has his own intentions to kill Ghost and Tommy and escape with his money.

Angela, in one last attempt to save her fleeting relationship with Ghost, invites him to her place for “Netflix and Chill”. Ghost decides against running away with her, citing a huge meeting at Truth. Angela realizes she can’t save him any longer, and follows Ghost to the rendezvous point. She calls the task force to alert them of the actual Lobos meeting, sending pictures of Tommy who would later arrive with a duffel bag full of money (allegedly). The task force moves in and in a scene reminiscent of Seal Team 6, they storm the meeting room firing two shots and making arrests. Lobos and Tommy are dragged out in cuffs, and a body is removed…which appears to be Ghost but instead is Javier (Lobo’s lover)! Kanan arrives just after it all goes down, while Ghost watches the entire scene unfold from afar. Angela has no clue how he got away.

Shawn confronts Kanan about Tommy’s arrest. Kanan reveals that Ghost sent him away, and probably set up Tommy too. They want street justice for Ghost’s transgressions, and Shawn steps up to the plate to be the executioner. He can get close enough to execute Ghost. His love for Tasha and anger over losing a decade of time with Kanan is all the motivation he needs!

This episode, titles “Three Steps Ahead” shows that everyone thought they had the upper hand on the other. In actuality, the only master chess player in this game is Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick. He always has a plan, and it revealed itself accordingly. The cameos from Jerry Ferrara loom heavy, as his lawyer character whom owes a debt to Ghost may become the most important chess piece on the board.

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