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All celebrities from every walk of life know by now that social media can be a PR trap. Nipsey Hussle has found himself embroiled in such a mix thanks to a controversial joke he replied to on Twitter.

California comedian Newport let out an unprovoked tweet, which read: “Blacc females are a disgrace to blacc females,” followed by a series of laughing emojis.

Nipsey responded: “I can’t retweet that but I’m LMAO. Tru sh*t.” By responding to the slander, Neighborhood Nip might has well retweeted it because all of his followers saw it and the backlash poured by boatload.

An already angry K. Michelle even responded to fan’s inquiry on the tweet and she described it as “f*cking sickening.” To make the incident even more incredulous, Nipsey Hussle is dating actress Lauren London, who is obviously a Black female.

Scroll through the engaging damage control Nipsey Hussle put up after his tweets faced serious scrutiny. Let us know if you feel he was sincere in his articulate apology.

Photos: Nipsey Hussle / Twitter, Instagram

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