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Star Hip-Hop artists Chance the Rapper and Lil B have won over audiences in the most unorthodox of manners, so a collaboration was all but inevitable. Instead of a random guest appearance however, Chicago has met California halfway for a new project simply titled, Free mixtape.

The six-track offering didn’t just earn its name from the lack of price tag. Per Chance, the two MCs actually “built the tape from scratch” and freestyled ever song. Save for the tape’s lack of refinement, the Free mixtape actually comes off rather listenable given the circumstances.

“It’s called #Free and yes it’s real,” Chance said on his social media accounts. “Conceived from magic, love, acid and bases. We made this the moment we met.”

“History has been made…” Lil B added.

Let’s hope struggle rappers don’t run with the idea and start dropping tapes created from the top of their head. Chance the Rapper and Lil B’s streams of consciousness are better than your career.

Listen to the Free mixtape below and let us know your rating in the comment section.

Photo: Instagram/Lil B

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