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As Tiger Woods preps for the PGA Championship this week, the once lauded golfer admitted that his game sucks these days, but he’s trying to bounce back. If we’re being totally honest, Woods hasn’t been the same since his now ex-wife allegedly exposed his serial cheating struggle, and allegedly beat him with a golf club the day after Thanksgiving, six years ago.

Personal issues aside, Woods knows he has room for improvement on the green. “I’m just trying to get my game better for years to come,” he said Tuesday.

Woods hasn’t been paying attention to the exact numbers, so he only knows that he’s not as high up on the world ranking as he used to be. “I know I’m in the 200s somewhere [in the world rankings], but as far as paying attention to it, no. I’m just trying to get better,” he explained. “I’m just trying to get up there where I can win tournaments, get my game organized so I can be consistent on a tournament basis where I’m going to give myself a chance to win each and every event I play in.

Woods added, “That’s what I have done over most of my career, and I’d like to get to that point again where I could do that.”

Photo: WENN