“N.W.A represents the birth of the conscious gangster for me. Man’s ability to supersede his own intellect with whatever ignorance is necessary. Everything Glasses Malone is today!” — Glasses Malone

“N.W.A gave the voice and perspective of the young Black male throughout the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. I never heard ‘no fucks’ being given in the fashion they delivered outside of Public Enemy. To wear Black skin in America is almost a crime, and their music boasts that fact in riot form with bass. They have influenced me by being honest, which allows me to push honesty to the forefront with how I represent myself, my peers and my neighborhood. The apparel they wore is also iconic to the entire West Coast, and I definitely have inspired pieces throughout my closet.” — Thurz

“N.W.A’s message was simple and to the point. Instead of obeying social standards, they refused and it sparked something way greater than they ever could imagine.” — Tyler Thomas

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