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This Friday, August 14, history will be made when Straight Outta Compton, the story of the iconic gangsta rap group N.W.A, hits theaters. Simply put, without the defiant poetry of Ice Cube; the pioneering production of Dr. Dre and DJ Yella, unapologetic lyricism from MC Ren; and the hood fabulousness of Eazy-E, Hip-Hop culture would not exist as we know it.

Hip-Hop Wired reached out to a handful of current and buzzing MCs to explain (especially to their younger fans) why The World’s Most Dangerous Rap still matters, even three decades after the broke onto the scene.

We start with a man whose ethos reflect everything the group stood for.

“N.W.A was the blueprint of authenticity for all West Coast artists. The look the movement the message and the impact was completely true to the culture they represented. And the most unbelievable part was how mainstream it became.” — Nipsey Hussle

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