“Me and my friends used to listen to N.W.A as kids like it was illegal. I couldn’t believe what they were saying and I couldn’t believe how amazing it sounded. We already had heroes (RUN-DMC, FAT BOYS) but N.W.A was the first group of anti-heroes in rap. They were bad asses who said whatever the fuck they wanted. That was powerful for me as a young kid. I wanted that power. they had a huge effect on how i formed as an artist. The idea of bravery, toughness and humor mixed with real messages. It was just powerful. Plus adults hated it so it had to be good.” — El-P

“The N.W.A means a lot of to the culture. Just the music itself is self-explanatory to how it was to be in that environment for the first time that had never been showcased before that group came out. With this movie coming out, we’ll get a correct depiction of it and I’m excited for what comes about.” — Vince Staples

“I mean…what can I say. If it not for them it would be no THIS. They are the sole reason I have a career and Dr. Dre is still dropping albums. Salute! — Freddie Gibbs

“I’m glad there is a movie to show the true impact and influence this group of young Black men from Compton, CA had on all communities across the world. They were true rebels with a powerful message. ‘FUCK THE POLICE’ and ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF’ they really gave us a voice. I as an artist appreciate them for showing me you can come from a community of poverty and still be proud of where you’re from and have a voice for all the people who may not be able to be heard where you’re from. I can write a book on their impact they have had on me and not only Hip-Hop but music as a whole.” — Stalley

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