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Pharrell Williams, like many entertainers before him, likes to have certain items on hand backstage while he’s performing on tour. But it appears the Virginia native has some eccentric needs for his tour rider, which allegedly include a framed photo of late astronomer and author Carl Sagan.

According to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, Skateboard P’s tour ride consists of the usual fare like snacks, liquor and strict instructions on meals. However, there were some possibly nitpicky demands like extremely cold sodas, Nilla Wafers and “grass-fed-only” beef stew. However, Williams requested that promoters provided his backstage digs with Sagan’s image, and the TSG elaborates on the bizarre request.

From TSG:

The 42-year-old Williams has spoken of being obsessed with Sagan since watching the original “Cosmos” series when he was a child. The Sagan photo demand actually appears twice in Williams’s list of dressing room requirements.

The “Happy” singer’s backstage digs must also contain Patron tequila, Ketel One vodka, gluten-free bread and crackers, Pedialyte, Cetaphil cleansing wipes and lotion, and a “box of matches (Very Important).”

The rider notes that Williams has “changed his diet” and needs certain “items to be specifically cooked for him on a daily basis at the venues.” Along with five possible fish dishes (“Cooked well. Preferably in a Pan”), Williams will also consume beef stew with carrots and potatoes, though the meat must be “Grass Fed Beef only if available, otherwise no beef.”

And it’s not just Williams who gets special treatment. According to TSG, many of Williams’ tour mates are on the Atkins Diet and thus need specially prepared meals for themselves as well.

Good to know Pharrell Williams isn’t only concerned about himself, right?

Photo: WENN