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Cheating site had its users shook when word got out that hackers had got their hands on their personal info. Last night, said hackers following through on their threat to release the data if the site (as well as wasn’t shuttered. 

Reports the Verge:

The information was first posted on the dark web, before the group behind the attacks — calling itself the Impact Team — announced its release on Reddit earlier this week. A searchable database has been constructed using the information, allowing interested parties to search for people by name or email address, and returning details including their sexual preference, contact details, body type, and fetishes. User passwords are encrypted with the bcrypt algorithm, suggesting that Ashley Madison at least took steps to secure that information while on file, but Robert Graham, CEO of Erratasec, told Wired that “hackers are still likely to be able to ‘crack’ many of these hashes in order to discover the account holder’s original password.”

Wait, a searchable database?!

Hey, if you didn’t use a website to cheat on your significant other, you have nothing to worry about. If you did, your struggle just got very, very real.